Project Management + Consulting Client Testimonials & Highlights

DailyMode Studio – Client & Account Project Management

DailyMode Studio is an email marketing and website design agency helping growing businesses and creative entrepreneurs scale to make more money and impact through web design and automated emails.

With a small team, they come alongside growing businesses to skyrocket their conversion rates and automate their processes.

I had the privilege of serving as their interim project manager. On a daily basis, I helped manage their client projects from start to finish so they could stick to writing and designing. I helped with gathering client requirements, creating project plans and action items in Asana, delegating tasks to team members, keeping everyone on track, and engaging with their customers to provide updates and ensure a seamless experience.

Growing businesses must stick together to succeed in this world that often doesn’t recognize our worth. That’s why I’m committed to helping small businesses by providing operational and project management support so that you can provide an exceptional and unforgettable client experience!

Need help managing your internal projects or operations on a regular or interim basis? Are you ready to get back to being the CEO while I help manage your backend? I’d love to serve you.

Northside Hospital – IT Project Management

Northside Hospital is a 5-hospital health system in metro Atlanta with over 30,000 employees.

I had the privilege of serving as a contract senior IT project manager within their IS Applications department. Throughout my contract, I was the lead project manager for 9 system-wide IS implementations across Women’s Health, Supply Chain, Patient Experience, and Hospital Wide application departments. My duties included developing project scopes and objectives, creating detailed project plans, ensuring resource availability/allocation, coordinating with third-party vendors, communicating weekly project status, maintaining project documentation, and delivering projects on time, within budget, and scope.

Need help with system implementations or internal projects on a regular or interim basis? I’d love to serve you.

Jacks & Jules Stationery – Business Launch Project Management & Consulting

I love leveraging my corporate project management & consulting expertise to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch the businesses of their dreams! I map out your launch from start to finish, taking every detail, timeline, budget, and resource into consideration. Then, on a weekly or biweekly basis, I provide consultative support on your launch and operations, and I help execute the tasks with you!

That’s exactly how I served Jacks & Jules LLC! These two talented creatives and best friends reached out, needing assistance to launch their stationery company. Their first product? A beautiful, customizable planner committed to helping millennials “customize their chaos”.

We launched their company from the ground up in just 6 months! We built their business framework from a financial and legal standpoint, built out the planner with overseas vendors, planned and executed all launch content and marketing, and planned for the company’s 1 year projected expansion.

I created a detailed action plan, listing every task required down to the smallest detail. Each week, my clients knew their tasks, their deadlines, and their budget. On a biweekly basis, I checked in to monitor the launch’s progress. I also allotted 12 hours per month to help execute the tasks. I assisted with filing their LLC, drafting investor proposals, conducting research on the best tools and systems for their business, helping them prep for photoshoots, and more!

My clients battled personal and professional struggles throughout this entire experience. Between balancing motherhood and corporate jobs, I’m still so proud of how these ladies stuck with it through the end. I was humbled to serve as their right hand. Follow their journey here.

Are you ready to bring your business or passion project to life? You don’t have to launch alone! My project management & consulting services walk alongside you every week to provide biweekly coaching & strategy calls & administrative hours to help you do the work! Ready to get started?

Philips – Program Mgmt, Product Development, Project Management & Process Improvement Consulting

Client Testimonial – “Mel was an invaluable asset to our team during the product development and launch of our Behavioral Health program in North America. Her contributions over just 5 months were significant, resulting in a 78% increase in our sales funnel. She exceeded all objectives given for on-boarding, product commercialization and launch in the market, and business development and sales to support funnel growth, customer engagement and orders. She was independent in supporting customer meetings and presentations immediately, even traveling by herself to customer presentations and conferences. She is unwavering when quality issues arise and takes actions to not only resolve the issue but also escalates appropriately when needed. Mel’s confidence in decision-making and willingness to challenge the status quo helped improve efficiencies and processes, ultimately supporting our business stability and growth. Her dedication to doing what’s right for the customer and the business was evident in her trust-building relationships with global cross-functional teams, sales channel partners, and leadership. We are grateful for Mel’s ownership, accountability, and unwavering commitment to the success of the Philips Ambient Experience Team.”  — Mary Beth Resimius – Business Leader, Philips North America – Ambient Experience

Philips is a global medical equipment and healthcare technology organization using innovative solutions to enable better patient care at lower costs. Their equipment is used in healthcare facilities around the globe, and they are committed to transforming the delivery of healthcare.

For Philips, I’ve served as both a Global Program Manager as well as a Service Excellence Project Manager, helping improve their internal operations to provide a better customer experience.

As a global program manager, I was accountable for the end-to-end project delivery for accounts valued at $4 million dollars, which included providing sales presentations, creating and tracking customer project plans and budgets, managing vendor communications, and keeping executive stakeholders informed on sales funnel progress for ~60 customers. I also supported technical product development efforts among cross-functional teams and 3rd party suppliers on requirements gathering, risk assessments, and managing the overall PDLC process to ensure product deliverables aligned with market strategy, customer needs/wants, cost-benefit analyses, and safety requirements.

As a service excellence project manager, I led global, company-wide projects & initiatives pertaining to process improvement, customer experience, quality/regulatory, operational performance, and LEAN productivity/cost savings.

My work required collaboration with executive leadership and front-line field staff to improve KPI performance which included leading problem-solving initiatives, providing status updates, and coaching key leaders on best practices. I also managed onboarding and training initiatives to help their employees feel well-equipped and supported as they serve our customers.

Are you struggling to provide the best experience for your customers? Are you struggling with engaging your team around your vision? Are you looking for opportunities to work more efficiently and decrease costs so that you can scale and increase your impact?

What I’ve done for these global organizations, I’m committed to doing for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Let’s hop on a quick call to see how I can serve you and your company best.

Tony & Jai Wilson Wedding – #WilsonPartyofTwo

Simply put, Mel came in and saved the day. Planning a wedding in such a short period of time, we realized quickly that we needed help. We brought Mel on as our wedding project manager, and she was truly our right hand throughout the entire process. Between our weekly meetings, clear action plans, her creative ideas, and being the middle woman between our vendors, she relieved SO much stress. We had the vision, and she expanded it, broke it down into clear actions, and kept everyone involved on task. Organized, creative, and patient are just a few words to describe her. Our wedding was SEAMLESS, and we still receive compliments from our guests and vendors on how well run the day went.

Piedmont Healthcare – Project Management, Systems Training, Change Management

I had the privilege of serving Piedmont Clinic’s Quality & Patient Safety Department through project management, consulting, communications, and training + development. I provided project management support for system-wide strategic, technical, quality, and performance improvement projects across their clinical integration network of 11 hospitals & 400 ambulatory practices — engaging C-suite leaders, 2500+ physicians, and operational leaders to integrate software applications, improve quality & patient outcomes, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

I also served as integration champion & onboarding liaison for over 300 physicians by providing software & EMR documentation training, implementing marketing and referral-building strategies, providing clinic workflow recommendations, and being a communication channel between physicians/staff and C-suite leaders. I helped improved physician performance by 50% within 90 days.

I also facilitated change management impacting over 15,000 employees by creating system-wide communications, organizing townhall events, leading presentations, training system leaders, and developing other educational collateral

Lastly, I leveraged Agile & Scrum methodologies to support clinical & quality dashboard builds & upgrades through facilitating sprint planning, daily stand up calls, testing, and sprint reviews to increase functionality and use of daily quality and safety performance tracking

See below a testimonial I received from the organization for my efforts on one of their biggest projects to date.

From Shanie J, Director of Clinical with Piedmont Healthcare

“Melanie– We wanted to thank you for all your dedication, hard work, long hours, and commitment to helping launch our new Quality Program! We could not have gotten here without your invaluable input and guidance! You have done an awesome job keeping everyone organized and prepared during all of our organizational changes. You are one of the most organized people I know! Thank you, Mel!”

What I’ve done for corporate organizations, I’m committed to doing for growing businesses and solopreneurs. Are you ready to optimize your day-to-day operations and launch critical internal projects?

Victoria Glover, LPC – The Victorious Counselor

Testimonial from Victoria:

When I felt God calling me to start a podcast, I had so many questions. I had the vision but had no idea how I would get there. I looked into Mel’s project management sessions, and it was exactly what I needed. Working with Mel was one of the best decisions I could have made in my early stages of planning! She was thoughtful, creative, gave feedback and asked me hard questions that helped me further mold my idea into a clearer picture. I had so many doubts and hesitations, but after my power hour session, I was left feeling motivated, empowered, and inspired to execute the vision that God gave me. Thanks to Mel, I got a step-by-step guide of how I should proceed in executing my Podcast, and am so excited that my vision has come to life!

Jasmine D – Power Hour Brand Strategy Session

Meet @Jasmine Renee. As a busy millennial wife, working professional, influencer, & blogger, Jasmine’s committed to living a simple & purposeful life while helping others do the same. She’s the true epitome of what WorkRedefined is all about — making room for your life, passions & professions!

As an up & coming influencer & blogger, she was balancing a beauty Youtube channel, a makeup side business, a separate lifestyle blog, her 9-5, & her personal brand. She was seeking clarity, balance, & growth in 2021 while also wanting to stay authentic & genuine to her audience — not trying to “sell” them but serve them. What a pure heart!

After a POWER HOUR session, we were able to bring clarity & consolidate her brands so that she could influence others with simplicity & power! I remember telling her —You living your daily life…that’s what the people need. There’s no need to hide behind the different names because YOU are the gift! You sharing your favorite products & tips is how you’re serving others best & getting paid for your service is nothing to be ashamed of!

Her level of execution has been UNMATCHED! We are in awe yet not surprised at the growth she’s experiencing even just a month later! This is truly ONLY the beginning!

Read her testimonial below on how I was able to help bring clarity and strategy to her brand! Are you looking for the same?

Book a power hour with me today!

Testimonial from Jasmine D

The Power Hour session was, phenomenal! My brain was all over the place before the call, but you helped me make sense of everything. I walked away with a plethora of action items! I also really like that there’s a recording of the call, sent afterward, and the support and help don’t just stop after that. You make yourself available to your clients, WHILE they’re executing the plan & I find that extremely valuable!

Emory Healthcare – Business Operations & Project Management

Emory will always have a place in my heart, as Emory was where it all began. Straight out of college, I was brought into the organization to help manage and improve their front-line operations in their busiest clinic within the organization Internal Medicine Specialties (seeing over 300 patients a day). It was there that I found my love for project management and process improvement. At Emory, I was able to catapult my career and business, and I brought tremendous growth and operational efficiency to the departments I served.

Some of my successes at Emory :

  • I helped developed Emory’s Interventional Pulmonary Program into a leading multi-site, multi-disciplinary center in the Southeast by leading projects to improve the intake process, increase referral volume, and improve day-to-day operational efficiency. Referral volume nearly doubled during my 1.5-year tenure with this department.
  • I led new hire onboarding & employee training for the Interventional Pulmonary & Cystic Fibrosis departments as growth skyrocketed ensuring all front-line staff were educated on operational procedures and best practices for providing exceptional customer service
  • I served as the primary liaison between providers, staff, and patients to supervise and optimize daily operations, designated as first point of contact for escalated operational issues and patient/customer complaints.
  • I facilitated and led internal process improvement projects engaging senior leadership, physicians, staff, volunteers, and external stakeholders through critical decision-making to prioritize & implement opportunities for improvement within the department

Elsevier – Interim Monthly Project Management

Elsevier’s mission is to help researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society. They do this by facilitating insights and critical decision-making for customers across the global research and health ecosystems.

Simply put, when a doctor or nurse performs a procedure in a hospital, it’s companies like Elsevier that provide step-by-step instructions and skills education to ensure those procedures are done safely. Elsevier is one of those companies saving lives in the background by making sure doctors and nurses know what they’re doing.

I thoroughly enjoyed serving as their interim project manager during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As they were bringing critical updates to educational manuals, I managed anywhere from 20-30 mini-projects at a time, helping their subject matter experts update what was needed so that doctors and nurses around the globe could feel prepared and equipped in their day-to-day operations.

With a 7-year background in healthcare operations, I’m always committed to quality patient care and supporting our everyday heroes.

Are you a healthcare facility needing assistance with a one-time project? Or, maybe you need someone to come in and help out with specific projects and operations for an extended amount of time. I offer both one-time project management and consulting services as well as monthly retainers.

What you do is critical. Let me be the support YOU need so that you can continue to provide the care WE need.